Facts About the Nose: 7 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know

7 Fun Facts About the Nose and Sinuses

Facts About the Nose

If we had to name the least appreciated organ, it would have to be the nose. Some people may not pay attention to this organ, while others may despise their nose due to its shape. Nonetheless, the nose is either loved, hated, or an afterthought, which is a shame because the nose is pretty amazing! Your nose is probably the most complex organ, and it plays a massive role in our survival, considering it’s an essential organ in the respiratory system. Without it, how could we breathe? Maybe if we understood the nose better and knew the facts about the nose, we would appreciate it a bit more.

Many are not aware of how impressive their nose really is. If you are one of the many that don’t appreciate this essential organ, then maybe checking out these fun facts about the nose and sinuses might help you realize how truly amazing it is.

1. It is estimated that 20,000 liters of air pass through an adult nose every day!

2. Many may think that their nose is only responsible for our sense of smell, whereas your nose is to thank. It’s true. It’s not just your taste buds. The nose is also vital to our perception of taste.

3. Cold air can be harsh, but when you breathe through your nose, your nose warms up the air. Acting like your own personal space heater, your nose helps prevent the cold air from shocking your lungs.

4. Your nose acts as a natural humidifier, as it helps process the air we breathe. Your throat and lungs don’t tolerate dry air very well, so your nose moisturizes and humidify the air for you.

5. Here’s another reason to breathe through your nose: your nose cleans the air that you breathe. Acting as a filter, the tiny hair-like cilia trap the debris from the air as you breathe so it doesn’t get into your lungs.

6. Did you know that your appears to get longer as you age? While you might think we are the real-life version of Pinocchio, the truth is your nose only seems to be growing as you age. In reality, your nose actually droops over time due to the laws of gravity.

7. Your nose helps shape the sound of your voice. When a person speaks, what we hear is the result of nasal and throat resonation. While your voice is produced in the larynx, the throat, and nose process the sound. This is why you have a nasal-sounding voice when you are affected by a cold or allergies.

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