Your Amazing Body: Fun and Interesting Sinus Facts

Did You Know: Fun and Interesting Sinus Facts

Sinus Facts
Your sinuses are vital to the health and wellbeing of your body, but yet many people only think of them when they have a stuffy nose or are having a sneezing fit. However, your nose and sinuses do much more than you think and are more interesting than what you previously thought. However, many don’t know about these amazing sinus facts.

Many don’t know how hard your sinuses work, or how impressive they truly are. Learn more about your amazing body by checking out these fascinating and fun sinus facts.

• You may think that the idea of Pinocchio is a fairy tale, but your nose as you age does appear to get longer. While your nose is not actually growing longer, it does droop over time courtesy of gravity.

• People love food that tastes good, but did you know that you can thank your nose for the ability to taste that chocolate and peanut butter smoothie? It’s true. Your nose is vital to our perception of taste.

• Every day, approximately 20,000 liters of air passes through an adult nose!

• Your sinuses work hard daily, but you may not know your sinuses actually act like a personal humidifier and space heater. For example, on a cold day, that cold air never reaches your lungs without your sinuses adding some humidity and heat to it first!

• Many may think that their sinuses are located in their nose, but that’s not where they are situated. Instead, your sinuses are located in 10 air-filled cavities that are located throughout your skull.

• While gross, the average human swallows about one liter of mucus a day. Luckily for us, we usually don’t notice this! The reason for mucus? Phlegm helps prevent viruses, bacteria, dust, and other particles from reaching your lungs.

• Studies have shown that there is a link between smells and a person’s physiological response. In fact, in one study researchers have found that after using aromatherapy, depression patients required less medication.

• Your dog has an amazing sense of smell, but did you know that humans also smell better than we see? It’s true. Our olfactory receptors (all 400+) are capable of detecting diluted substances in the air, which is why you can still smell dinner after a few hours.

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