A Delicious Cold and Flu Tea Recipe to Ward Off Sickness

A Delicious Cold and Flu Tea Recipe to Ward Off Sickness

Cold and Flu Tea Recipe

During the winter, there is nothing better than having a hot drink to warm your bones. When you are cold, or even just under the weather, a hot drink can […]

Did You Know? 8 Facts About Mucus

Facts About Mucus

With cold and flu season in full swing, many are dealing with an influx of mucus. While the thought of phlegm or mucus may be gross, mucus does play an […]

How to Treat Your Dry Sinuses During the Winter

Dry Nose Remedies

The winter months, while beautiful, often force us to stay indoors. While there isn’t anything wrong with hibernating during the winter season, it can bring about some unpleasant ENT symptoms. […]

Natural Cold Remedies to Try This Winter

Natural Cold Remedies

Even though you could come down with something worse, having a cold is no laughing matter. It can make you feel miserable and really put a damper on your day. […]

Winter Sinusitis: Why is My Sinusitis Worse in the Winter?

Winter Sinusitis

Sinusitis, also called rhinosinusitis, is a common condition that can affect a person long-term. You might think that sinusitis is a condition that you can only get in the spring, […]

Sinus Winter Tips: How to Avoid Sinusitis Symptoms this Winter

Sinus Winter Tips

Many look forward to the holiday season. It’s a time where families and friends get together, celebrating life and all it has to offer. Unfortunately, the winter can come with […]

Common Indoor Allergens and How to Avoid Them

Common Indoor Allergens

Did you know that you can experience more allergic symptoms indoors can than being outside? While most of us prefer to be inside our warm, cozy homes during the winter, […]

Dry Air and Sinusitis: Is the Dry Air Making My Sinusitis Worse?

Dry Air and Sinusitis

When it’s cold outside, it’s not uncommon for people to spend the majority of their time indoors during the winter season. However, when it comes to winter, there’s more than […]

An Allergy-Free Thanksgiving Recipe

Allergy-Friendly Pumpkin Pie Recipe

For food lovers, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. However, for a person with food allergies, holiday gatherings such as Thanksgiving can be difficult. While the turkey is easy to make […]

Top Allergy Myths Debunked

Allergy Myths

Having allergies can make you miserable, especially if you have severe allergies or find that you are allergic to everything. Every year, millions of Americans suffer from allergy-related conditions that […]