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Did You Know? 8 Interesting Facts About Your Nose

Facts About Your Nose
The human body is an amazing machine, and this includes all of your body parts, including the nose. You might take your nose for granted, but it has some pretty diverse and impressive abilities- some you may not even know about! Read on to learn more about some of the interesting facts about your nose.

Top Facts About Your Nose:

1. Your sneeze size might be a hereditary trait that was passed down. Recent research has suggested that your sneeze style is not unique, as it might be a genetic trait and is inherited. This is because tissues are often similar within families, and this means other actions such as laughing and smiling is also similar.

2. You have an air filter in your nose, and it’s a very effective one. Thanks to the hairs that line the inside of your nostrils, germs from dust and other particles are blocked. Also, when you breathe through your nose the air is moistened and warmed. This is why you should be breathing through your nose on a cold day, as this process helps protect the sensitive tissue found in your lungs.

3. Your sneeze is more powerful than you think. While sneezing is an involuntary reflex (which means you can’t stop it from happening), it can propel germs into the air at an average speed of 100 miles per hour. This is why it’s important to cover your mouth when you sneeze!

4. Noses come in different shapes, 14 that is. According to a survey featured in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, 14 different human nose shapes were identified. However, some experts don’t feel like this covers all of the variations, due to the complex structure of the nose. See, even your nose is unique!

5. According to the University of Washington, the average human has approximately 400 types of scent receptors. This means you can detect at least a trillion different smells! However, this number does decrease with age; this is why people become less sensitive to smells when they age.

6. By the age of 10 your overall nasal shape is formed, and it continues to grow until age 15 to 17 if you’re a woman. While a male’s nose continues to grow until age 17 to 19. However, in time your nose lengthens and will eventually drop down thanks to gravity, and from the breakdown of elastin and collagen.

7. The smell of a newborn baby triggers the production of dopamine, as it triggers the pleasure centers of the brain. Dopamine is also secreted when you take addictive drugs, have sex, or use a clit sucker toy. It’s true, love is addicting!

8. You might not think that mucus has a function, but despite its irritating nature, it plays a vital role in helping you stay healthy. When you breathe in, dusts and other microbes get stuck and trapped within the mucus lining. This helps protect us from allergens and infections, so while snot can be disgusting, it helps you out more than you think.

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