Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving: Tips for a Safe and Festive Holiday

Preparing for an Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving

Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving

When it comes to holiday meals, none surpass Thanksgiving Dinner. As the only holiday focusing exclusively on family and food, Thanksgiving presents unique challenges and obstacles for people with environmental and food allergies. From unknown ingredients to dusty unkempt guest rooms, allergens can lurk in the most benign places. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure that everyone has a happy and allergy-friendly Thanksgiving dinner.

How to Prepare for an Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving

Dealing With Food Allergies:

Food allergies are no laughing matter; even the most minuscule amount of exposure can result in severe reactions that could result in death. Fortunately, as much as a challenge dealing with allergies can be, the solutions can be easy to implement.

• Make sure to talk to all your guests if you’re hosting or speak to the host if you’re a guest. Communication about allergies is key to keeping everyone safe.
• Keep all ingredient lists from packaged food of any kind. As awareness of food sensitivities and allergies grows, so does the list of processed chemicals and additives people must avoid. • Keeping those lists will ensure that no one is eating anything that they don’t know what is in it.
• Don’t eat anything that you don’t know what is in it. Thanks to the internet, many Thanksgiving day cooks have been trying out new recipes and substitutions that may contain unknown allergens. Ask about the ingredients of any dish you want to put on your plate.
• Take a side dish, snack, or bagged meal to ensure you have something safe to eat. This is doubly true for kids, who can have a much harder time being hungry than adults.
• Take your epinephrine prescription (epi-pen) with you, just in case, or better yet, take two.

Dealing With Environmental Allergies:

While airborne and sinus allergies are not as life-threatening as food allergies, they can still be quite uncomfortable and could potentially ruin someone’s Thanksgiving. Follow these tips to help ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is free of allergens.

• If you’re prone to contact dermatitis, it’s wise to bring along your own personal care essentials, such as soap, shampoo, and body wash. By having your preferred products on hand, like a gentle, natural pine tar soap, you can effectively prevent outbreaks and enjoy peace of mind during your travels.
• Packing your own hypoallergenic pillowcase will help protect you from dust mites and other allergens coming from sleeping arrangements.
• While you might appreciate that invite to sleep at a pet lover’s home, if you are allergic to animals, it might be a better idea to book a room.
• Take your allergy medication with you while traveling. It’s also a good idea to take it before any reactions to keep them at bay while you visit. Anti-allergy sprays can also help to reduce any exposure to allergens.
• Don’t be afraid to ask to be moved or find other accommodations if you are having reactions to your room.

By taking a few simple steps and planning ahead, and addressing allergies beforehand, you can show how much you really care and ensure that your friends and family have something to truly be thankful for.

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