Sinus Mistakes: Are You Making Your Sinus Infection Worse?

Are You Making Your Sinus Infection Worse?

Sinus Mistakes

No one enjoys being sick. Besides feeling just plain awful, it can seriously impact day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, sinus infections could be caused by a myriad of seasonal flu and allergy causes. For most people suffering from sinus infections, the effect lasts for about a week. However, when sinus infections persist, this could indicate a serious condition, or you could be exacerbating the issue without even realizing it by making “sinus mistakes.”.

If you are suffering from a nasty sinus infection, make sure to avoid these common sinus mistakes that could be causing your sinus infection to become worse.

Not Staying Hydrated

Even in the best of health, the body needs water, and hydration is even more important when your body is fighting an infection. As the body uses water to produce mucus and phlegm, staying hydrated allows these fluids to flow more efficiently.

Not Getting Enough Rest

One of the worse things you shouldn’t do is not resting enough or not getting sufficient sleep. It can be hard to slow down and get enough downtime to rest with today’s busy, always-on attitude. Make sure to slow down and not try to keep your usual pace, and take it easy on yourself.

Overuse of Nasal Sprays

When dealing with a sinus infection, nasal decongestant sprays effectively break up mucus and can instantly provide relief. However, overuse can cause irritation and make things worse. Make sure to read the included instructions and don’t use them more than is recommended.

Dry Environments

During a sinus infection, the membranes in the sinuses can become more sensitive to the lack of humidity in the air. Cold, dry air can affect the sinuses making it harder to deal with an infection. Use a humidifier to moisten the air in a room, or prepare a bowl of steaming water and inhale the steam several times to add moisture to dry sinuses.

Surrounded by Irritants

When sinuses are already inflamed by infection, adding airborne irritants like smoke, perfume, or allergens can make the whole situation even worse. If you can, try to avoid irritants when you can. If you have to be in an environment full of irritants, a face mask can reduce your exposure for a short period.

If you are experiencing a sinus infection that has lasted longer than 10 days, contact your doctor or health care provider to schedule an appointment for testing and diagnosis.

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