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Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain

Relieve Sinus Pain

Did you know that an estimated 37 million Americans suffer from sinus problems yearly? Sinus pain can be caused by a bacterial infection, allergies, or from the common cold, so it’s no surprise that most people have experienced sinus pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, sinus pain does not discriminate and is not a seasonal condition, so it can strike at any point of the year. Sinus pain management can be debilitating and can significantly affect the quality of your life, but luckily there are natural ways to help relieve the not-so-fun symptoms.

If you want to avoid sinus infections as per the news, as well as avoid any complications that may arise, check out these helpful tips to learn some ways to relieve sinus pain.

• If you want to avoid having thick mucus, be sure to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will help keep the mucus thin, so make sure you drink at least 8-ounce glasses a day.
• Alcohol use can cause mucus production to worsen, so be sure to reduce your consumption of alcohol.
• Adding some spice to your food can open up your nasal passages. Make your food “hot” by ingesting wasabi, mustard, curry, hot peppers, and horseradish.
• When you are suffering from a sinus headache, getting plenty of rest is vital. Avoid overexerting yourself and get plenty of sleep at night.
• Air pollutants, allergens, as well as cigarette smoke can make a sinus headache worse. These irritants can cause the sinus membranes to swell, which can intensify headaches.
• Flush out your nasal passages with a saline wash. Doing a saline wash via a neti pot or a spray bottle can help thin the mucus and clean it out of the nose.
• Make sure your home is clean and allergy-proof. To help curb nasal allergies keep pets out of the bedroom, get rid of dust mites, use allergy-free bedding, and use an air filter system.
• Dry air can irritate the sinuses, stuff up the nose, as well as thicken mucus. To help combat dry air, try using steam therapy. You can do this by taking a hot shower or by investing in a personal steam inhaler. Also, using a humidifier can add moisture to dry air and can help prevent sinus infections.
• Utilize and alternate hot and cold compresses across your sinuses to help loosen secretions. Start off with a hot washcloth and place it over your sinuses for three minutes, and then place a cold compress on your sinuses for 30 seconds. Repeat as necessary.

If you have a fever higher than 100.5, have multiple sinus infections a year, or your symptoms persist for more than ten days, consult with your physician.

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