Christmas Allergies: Tips For Dealing With Christmas Tree Syndrome

Tips For Dealing With Christmas Tree Syndrome

Christmas Allergies

As Christmas approaches, many people are putting up the final decorations for their holiday festivities. While the decorations and embellishments can vary drastically from family to family, the Christmas tree is the traditional item most houses have in common. While everyone knows that Christmas trees are the main focus, many do not realize that Christmas trees and other green plant-based decorations could cause allergic triggers to those who are sensitive and could be making them feel ill. Many people who experience respiratory issues, such as sinus infections or cold symptoms, are being affected by what is known as Christmas allergies or Christmas tree syndrome.

If you experience sinus or respiratory issues during the holidays, such as a runny nose, watery eyes, or bouts of sneezing, it could be your Christmas tree that is the culprit. Getting on top of your allergies can be a challenge of the best of days. Adding the complications of Christmas decorations and Christmas allergies can make it almost impossible. We have put together some helpful tips to help you deal with Christmas tree syndrome to avoid ruining your holiday season.

Christmas Allergies: How to Deal With Christmas Tree Syndrome

Live Tree Tips

• There is nothing like having a live tree to celebrate the holidays in your home. However, many trees can bring about allergic reactions. Choosing allergy-friendly trees, like Cypress, Fir, or Spruce, can help to avoid reactions.

• All trees contain sap, and just like pollen and mold, tree sap can also cause allergic responses and create problems. Be sure always to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt to prevent direct contact.

• You can spray down a live tree outside with water, or a mild solution with bleach can help cut down on pollen and mold. Leaving a tree outside in freshwater for a few days can also help cut down mold growth.

• Just like the holiday itself, with Christmas trees, timing is everything. Make sure to change the water often to help prevent mold, and only have a live tree on display for no more than ten days.

Artificial Tree Tips

• The selling points of artificial trees can also be the source of many allergy issues. Because they are meant to be kept and stored for use year after year, it’s essential to store them correctly in an airtight container or wrap them tightly in plastic to help prevent dust and allergens from building up over the year.

• Make sure to spray down and clean your tree before putting it up for display to eliminate potential allergens.

• Choose your artificial tree carefully, as many are made from problematic materials and can cause issues, look for non-toxic and allergy-friendly trees.

Other Tips

• Keeping an air purifier near your tree can help reduce potential allergens.

• Make sure also to wipe down and clean other seasonal decorations like garlands and other tree decorations.

• Avoid aerosolized decorations like artificial snow and glitter sprays, the chemicals in these products can irritate sinuses and cause issues.

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