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Is Sinus Surgery Right for Me?

NY Sinus CenterSinus surgery is one of the most common procedures in the U.S. Each year, in fact, about 300,000 people across the country have the operation. Today’s technology makes sinus surgery less complicated for patients than ever, but the question remains…what are your reasons to have sinus surgery?

At our practice, sinus surgery is typically a “last resort” for patients who haven’t responded to other medical treatment. It’s never a quick fix, and people who have surgery still need to take good care of their sinuses post-operation to make sure problems don’t come back.

Here are some reasons not to turn to sinus surgery:

  • Your allergies are bugging you. It’s incredibly common for allergies to be misdiagnosed as sinusitis, which can lead to wrong medicine, wrong treatments, wrong surgery. Ask your doctor if your symptoms could be allergy-related before assuming it’s those sinuses causing trouble.
  • Your headaches go out of control. Like allergies, migraines can masquerade as sinus infections. Other headache disorders can also be to blame.
  • Your surgeon hasn’t asked questions. Before recommending an operation to a patient, our sinus surgeons take a thorough medical history, ask about current medications, lifestyle factors and more. We like to know a patient before giving advice.
  • You just don’t feel right about it. If you’re at a sinus surgery consultation and your specialist rushes in and out — or if you feel pushed into a decision — it can help to get a second opinion. It’s a big decision to be pressured into.

On the other hand, watch out for these factors, which might mean sinus surgery is a viable option:

  • Treatment over time. Your sinus infections have lasted more than three months, and won’t respond to your doctor’s recommended treatments.
  • Growths or obstructions. Nasal polyps, structural abnormalities and other physical factors can mean that regular prescriptions won’t cure the pain.
  • Infections in the bones. In some cases, sinus infections spread to bones, at which point doctors might need to operate.
  • Complications of disease. Sinus cancer, or chronic sinus infections related to HIV, can mean doctors might recommend surgery.

If you’re not sure whether a sinus operation is right for you, give us a call. Our expert team of NY sinus surgeons is here to help answer your questions…and help find the treatment that’s truly best for you.


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