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How to Prepare for Sinus Surgery

Sinus-SurgeryAt our office, our doctors know that sinus surgery isn’t the answer for every patient. In fact, it’s usually a “last resort” only after other treatments have failed. But for the right patient, sinus surgery can help significantly improve quality of life. If you’ve opted for surgery with a sinus doctor, you’ll probably want to know how to prepare for sinus surgery.

Here are some rules of thumb to prepare for sinus surgery:

Get medical clearance.

Before an operation, your regular doctor will need to sign off, saying you’re healthy enough for the procedure. You’ll need to make a doctor’s appointment, where you’ll likely have a physical exam and some basic lab tests. You might need other specific tests if your GP or ENT doctor requests them.

Ask about medicines.

Ahead of sinus surgery, you’ll probably get special prescriptions to help reduce inflammation. Also, tell your sinus surgeon what medicines you normally take. Certain prescription and OTC meds can thin the blood, so they may need to be stopped temporarily, or for a few weeks before the sinus operation.

Stop-Smonking-before-SurgeryDon’t smoke.

Smoking can impact the results of your surgery, by increasing the amount of scar tissue and making the healing process harder. If you smoke, your doctor might require you to stop smoking three or four weeks before, and a month or more after your surgery.

Follow the eating/drinking rules.

Generally, patients aren’t allowed to eat or drink after midnight before sinus-surgery day. Why? Sinus surgery requires general anesthesia, and an anesthesiologist needs patients to have an empty stomach to safely put them to sleep. Your surgery can even be canceled if you don’t have an empty stomach! Listen to your sinus doctor’s specific orders — and if there are certain medicines you need to take on surgery day, he/she will tell you how to do so.

 At our ENT center, you’ll have access to some of the foremost ear, nose and throat specialists in Manhattan. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about surgery…or to suggest alternate treatments based on your needs.



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