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Do I Need Sinus Surgery?

sinus-surgeryWhen you need sinus surgery, and when you don’t

Each year, about 300,000 Americans have sinus surgery. In most cases, it’s a very basic procedure — and thanks to advances in technology, it’s less complicated for patients than ever before.

But still, is it right for you?

Our sinus doctors recommend surgery as a “last resort” for patients when other (simpler) treatments haven’t worked. Surgery can’t magically erase sinus problems, but for patients who don’t respond well to typical medications and lifestyle remedies, it can offer significant relief.

These are some common reasons why sinus surgery might be recommended:

  • Sinus infections won’t go away. When infections last more than three months despite treatment, surgery could be an option.
  • There’s a nasal growth or obstruction. Physical issues like nasal polyps or structural abnormalities can prevent typical medicines from working.
  • The sinus infection has hit the bone. Sometimes, sinus infections can spread to the bones, meaning an operation is necessary.
  • There’s a complicating factor. Certain diseases, such as cancer or HIV-related infections, can mean surgery is the most efficient option for sinus issues.

sinus-surgery-consultationIf you and your sinus doctor decide on surgery, what should you expect? Most sinus surgeries are endoscopic procedures, meaning they use a thin tool called an endoscope, inserted through the nose, to help doctors see obstructions. Endoscopic surgery requires less down time than typical surgery, and it’s also less painful and costly.

Wondering whether sinus surgery might be right for you? Our NY sinus doctors are here to help, so call us for a personalized consultation anytime.

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