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Do I Need Surgery for My Sinusitis?

doctor explaining sinus surgeryYour sinus infections keep coming back. You feel like you’ve tried every treatment out there. After all that, is it time for surgery?

Surgery is an option for some patients with severe sinusitis, especially when infections are chronic. However, rest assured — it’s only considered when other practical options haven’t offered relief. This means that many patients won’t need it.

Is surgery right for you? What you should consider:

  • Your history with treatments. Antibiotics, steroids and other medicines, along with home remedies, are usually the first approach. Those treatments can come up short if symptoms (and the sinus blockages that cause them) are incredibly severe and won’t go away.
  • Your diagnosis. To be a surgical candidate, a qualified doc should diagnose you with chronic sinusitis, and you’ll need to try acutely treating your infection for four to six weeks straight. At that point, your doc should request a CT scan to see what’s causing your trouble. After treatment, your sinuses should be less inflamed, giving better opportunity to see the source of the blockage.

relieved patient

  • Your medical history. If your sinusitis stems from trouble with allergies, then you’ll need to get your allergies in check before any operation. And after your operation, you’ll need to continue treating those allergies diligently to get the best possible results.
  • Your outlook. For some badly blocked sinuses, surgery might be the only fix. But it’s not the end all, be all. A second operation might be necessary for as many as 20 percent of people.

You can read more about SINUS SURGERY and our approach by clicking here. And, of course, we are happy to schedule you for a consultation with our doctors.

As with any major medical decision, it’s important to speak with a qualified doc to weigh your options. Although surgery is needed for only a small percentage of sinusitis sufferers, if it’s right for you, we’re here to answer your questions when you need us.

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