Sinus Doctor NYC - Sinusitus Treatment and Surgery

New York Sinus Center

At the New York Sinus Center we specialize in treating patients with diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Our team of specially trained physicians has been taking care of patients with complex nasal sinus problems since 1993. We have found that long-term sinus health is best achieved by identifying and correcting the underlying causes of sinus malfunction. We do this in a friendly, respectful and highly professional state of the art environment. Our doctors work hard to find the most appropriate, least invasive solution to each patient’s unique sinus problems.

Our doctors are all Board certified Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Specialists who have advanced training in state of the art, minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Just as importantly, our physicians are also trained and very experienced in advanced diagnostic techniques which are used to identify the underlying causes for an individual patient’s sinus problem. Often the identification of a specific bacteria and appropriate antibiotic treatment is all that is needed to end a long siege of sinusitis. More frequently however, patients also have other medical conditions such as acid reflux, inhalant allergies, toxic environmental exposures or immune problems which cause constant sinus inflammation and continued symptoms. Treating these additional conditions is crucial to achieving long term sinus health.

In spite of medical treatment and lifestyle changes some patients never the less do require surgery in order to restore sinus health. In such cases, the goals of surgery are to re open and repair blocked passages by removing areas of irreversible tissue swelling and blockage that result from chronic infection and inflammation, polyps, and scarring from previous, unsuccessful surgery. Our doctors employ minimally invasive computer guided surgical techniques to achieve these goals.

If you are experiencing symptoms of sinusitis and have not been able to get relief, give us a call. We can help.