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Is Your Sinus Medicine Useless?

Sinus-Medication-OTCSinus medicine not working? If you’re taking medicine after medicine and your sinuses are still wreaking havoc, then it might be time for an OTC intervention. Wouldn’t it feel good to clear out that medicine cabinet?
Many patients visit us frustrated. Because nagging sinus pain won’t go away. Because no medicine seems to “fix it.” Because even sinus surgery hasn’t improved quality of life.

The trouble with common sinus issues, such as sinus infections, is that they tend to have similar symptoms to other unrelated health conditions. Underlying allergies, acid reflux, migraines and dental issues are just a few examples of health conditions that can be misdiagnosed — and mistreated — as sinusitis.

OTC medicines that target sinus infections wouldn’t fix allergies, for instance, and when those allergies are left untreated, the cycle begins. Treat. Wait. Get frustrated.

In some cases, not knowing the true cause of “sinus pain” can have big consequences. Some patients go as far as having sinus surgery to treat their ailments, only to realize later — after finally getting a thorough medical consultation and the proper care — that their symptoms weren’t sinus-related after all.

We consider sinus surgery a last resort, so we hate to see people take that route unnecessarily. So what can you do, if you’re ready to throw your hands up after trying what feels like every med on the pharmacy shelf?

  • Book an appointment.

    At a personal consultation, we’ll discuss your symptoms, health history and possible treatment options.

  • Bring a list of medicines you’re taking.

    It helps doctors to know what you’re taking, what you’ve tried and what results you’ve seen. If you’re trying lots of medicines, they might not all be necessary.

  • Know your symptoms.

    Is your pain worse in the morning? Does it intensify when you move in certain ways? Do you notice more symptoms after going outside? These types of observations can be a big help in identifying the root cause of your concerns.

From our own Dr. Robert Pincus

“Our goal is to find the cause of your symptoms and treat the cause, not just the symptoms. At the sinus center we help clear things up.”


Give us a call if you’d like to talk. Let’s break the OTC cycle…and go for some real results.

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