Is It Sinus or Tooth Pain?

Is It Sinus or Tooth Pain?

tooth-ache-or-sinus-Sinus infections? Let’s face it: They’re a pain. On top of typical symptoms (like nasal congestion, facial pressure and pain, a runny nose…), sinus infections can throw another curveball. They can be one of the causes of a toothache.

There are sinuses — hollow cavities inside the face — located near your upper jaw. So during a sinus infection, when your sinuses become inflamed, they can put pressure on your upper teeth and cause pain. Ouch.

Here are a few typical causes of a toothache from sinus inflammation:

  • The pain only affects the upper back teeth
  • You’re congested on the same side as the tooth pain
  • There’s an ongoing, dull ache or pain, rather than sensitivity to hot/cold

However, keep in mind that every case is unique. If you notice tooth pain, it’s important to talk with a dentist and determine the underlying cause.

Besides sinus infections, there are many other causes of toothaches — cavities, dental abscesses, tooth grinding or periodontal disease, to name a few — and it’s key to get the right treatment as soon as possible. Untreated dental or sinus symptoms can both amplify into bigger conditions.

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