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Is It Sinus or Tooth Pain?

tooth-ache-or-sinus-Sinus infections? Let’s face it: They’re a pain. On top of typical symptoms (like nasal congestion, facial pressure and pain, a runny nose…), sinus infections can throw another curveball. They can be one of the causes of a toothache.

There are sinuses — hollow cavities inside the face — located near your upper jaw. So during a sinus infection, when your sinuses become inflamed, they can put pressure on your upper teeth and cause pain. Ouch. If people have braces, the situation can be more painful.

Here are a few typical causes of a toothache from sinus inflammation:

  • The pain only affects the upper back teeth
  • You’re congested on the same side as the tooth pain
  • There’s an ongoing, dull ache or pain, rather than sensitivity to hot/cold

However, keep in mind that every case is unique, some might require teeth bonding, while some might not. If you notice tooth pain, it’s important to talk with a dentist and determine the underlying cause. You can also get help from orthodontics for kids and adults, for more information.

Besides sinus infections, there are many other causes of toothaches — cavities, dental abscesses, tooth grinding  ( get lingual braces for misalignment of tooth) or periodontal disease, to name a few — and it’s key to get the right treatment as soon as possible. Untreated dental or sinus symptoms can both amplify into bigger conditions.

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