Common Halloween Allergy Threats and Safety Tips

Allergy Safety Tips For Halloween

Common Halloween Allergy Threats

Halloween is a holiday beloved by most Americans, and many claim it to be their favorite. What’s not love? Costumes, candy, festive gatherings, and parties are just a few things that make up the traditions of Halloween. But for people with allergies, dangerous triggers lurk just out of sight, not unlike jump scares waiting in dark corners. Just imagine a poisonous snake or live hand grenade mixed in a candy bag, and you have an idea of what allergy sufferers deal with every year. In this article, we will discuss the most common Halloween allergy threats and the best ways to deal with them.

Common Halloween Allergy Threats: Allergy Safety Tips For Halloween

Environmental Allergies

When it comes to airborne allergens, such as pollen, mold, and dust mites, Halloween is not any different than other seasonal holidays. Plant-based allergies will vary with temperature, and dust and mold from reused decorations and costumes are the worst culprits of attacks.

• Clean old costumes and decorations thoroughly when pulling them out of storage, or better yet, buy new ones and save the hassle.
• Make sure you have medications on hand in case of exposure; pockets in your costumes will make this much easier.
• Store decorations and costumes in dust-free sealed containers to prevent the build-up of allergens while in the attic.

Food and Candy Allergies

Halloween has scares and fears set aside just for families with food allergy sufferers. Out of the eight major food allergies, six of them are extremely common in Halloween candy ingredients. Milk, soybeans, wheat, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts in all amounts and combinations are common in hundreds of Halloween treats. Fortunately, by following some good common sense rules, there is no reason to let food allergies ruin Halloween.

• Read ingredient listings before consuming the candy inside, and never eat any candy that is unlabeled.
• Take a handful or pocketful of safe candy to stave off temptation.
• Talk to the neighbors beforehand and look for the teal pumpkins that signal allergen-free candy is available.
• Take emergency medication, like epi-pens, along for worst-case scenarios.

Halloween is a time of fond memories with friends and family, By following our easy tricks and tips, your family can enjoy all the safe treats.

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