Halloween Costume Allergen Survival Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Halloween Costume Allergen Survival Tips

Halloween Costume Allergen

Halloween is the time for tricks, treats, and fake scares, but the scares can be all too real for those who have allergies. From dusty on decorations to costumes that cause reactions, check out these Halloween costume allergen tips to help ensure that your Halloween doesn’t end up cursed.

Halloween Costume Allergen Survival Tips

Beware of Costumed Dangers

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up in outlandish outfits and attempting to pass ourselves off as someone or maybe something else. Whether it’s a cherished favorite from past years, one cobbled together from used garments, or one right off the rack, there are some things to keep in mind when putting your costume together.


Let’s start at the top; masks, hoods, and headgear should all be inspected thoroughly for any potential issues. Many masks are made from latex, and they could have nickel-based components or even restrict breathing. Any one of these issues could spell disaster for your Halloween fun.


While face painting is an excellent option for those wanting to avoid masks, many cheap Halloween make-up can cause issues for those with skin allergies. To ensure that it’s safe, test it on a small patch of skin; that way, you can find out before you smear it all over your face.


Halloween costumes can be made from just about anything. Cheap store-bought costumes can be made from material that can cause an adverse reaction. Make sure to read the labels and directions carefully. If you are unsure about an article, test it out beforehand; if you can’t, best leave it out. The same is true for older costumes; older plastics and synthetics can break down over time and later cause issues. Also, keep in mind how these older costumes were stored, as dust, mites, and other allergens can develop on items that were not stored properly.


Make sure that your costume has pockets or a place to carry any needed medications. Having your medications on hand can spell the difference between having a good time or needing to leave early. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of pre-medicating before you go out as a preventative measure.

Be Safe and Have Fun

Halloween is all about having a good time with the macabre and being with friends and family. And with a bit of forethought and a little extra planning, you can make this one unforgettable for all the right reasons instead of the one you are allergic to.

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