Sinus Reactions to Heat: Effects of Heat and Humidity on Sinuses

The Effects Heat and Humidity Can Have on Sinuses

Sinus Reactions to Heat

Hot and humid weather isn’t easy on anybody. High humidity makes the heat worse, making life seem genuinely miserable, especially for people with sinus issues like sinusitis. While the extremes and unpredictable changes in the weather can seem harsh, the truth is that it can harm your sinuses if proper caution is not taken. As the summer heat continues to roll on, learn what you can do to minimize sinus reactions to heat and humidity.

Understanding Sinus Reactions to Heat and Humidity

Usually, runny noses and sinus infections are associated with winter and colder weather. However, people with sinusitis can develop a cold at the beach. The reason has to do with the mucous membranes, a layer of delicate tissue and tiny hairs known as cilia. When working correctly, the mucous membranes and cilia help filter and clean your sinuses. Most of the time, cilia and mucous membranes thrive in warm moist environments. But, the extreme heat and humidity can cause adverse reactions to anyone with sinus issues. When the functions of the sinuses break down, allowing mucus to build up and help bacteria thrive. Likewise, allergens and other irritants can also wreak havoc; symptoms of adverse reactions to heat a humidity include:

• Sinus pain and pressure
• Congested and runny nose
• Headache

What You Can Do For Relief from Sinus Infections

While staying away from heat and humidity is not always possible, these are ways to find relief and minimize sinus infections. Follow these simple steps to help alleviate summertime issues.

Keep the Sinuses Hydrated

Keeping the mucus membranes moist is vital, especially for people with sinus issues. Nasal sprays and nose irrigators help to keep the nasal passages hydrated before problems arise.

Dealing with Allergens and Irritants

Unfortunately, for many, heat and humidity are not the only issues that cause can adverse reactions in the sinuses. Summer allergens and irritants should be avoided when possible. The most common nuisances include pollen and smoke. Stay clear or minimize time spent close to grills at summer cookouts. Install HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners and air circulation systems to clean indoor air. You should also prepare your cooling system by scheduling a tune-up service or fixing issues like unpleasant air conditioner smells. And if you need professional duct cleaning services, make sure to hire professional services like Air duct cleaning fountain valley.

Seek Out Help For Severe or Chronic Issues

Summer sinus infections that reoccur or grow more severe could signify more significant issues. When home remedies and nasal treatments lose effectiveness, it’s time to consider seeing a specialist. Make sure to contact your doctor or healthcare specialist to see what treatment options are available.

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