Remedies for Sinus Congestion: DIY Fire-Cider Recipe

Fight Sinus Congestion with Spicy Foods (Fire Cider Recipe Included!)

With colder weather upon us, many people suffering from sinus congestion turn to over-the-counter medicines as soon as symptoms arise. However, more and more are looking for simple and natural alternatives to provide relief. Some of the best home remedies for sinus congestion involve spicy foods. Among the most popular foods are; horseradish, ginger, garlic, and chili peppers. The beneficial properties of these foods have been known for centuries. Recently, more and more studies have been done about the connections between nutrition and how it relates to immune function. Foods like onions, radishes, and vinegar help stimulate the body’s natural processes and fight off infections.

To help you fight off sinus congestion and stay on top of cold and flu season, we have put together our version of this classic home remedy for fire-cider.

Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion: DIY Fire-Cider Recipe


32oz apple cider vinegar
Not only is apple cider vinegar a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial, but it is also able to extract nutrients and beneficial compounds from other foods.

2 heads of garlic, chopped
Recently studies have shown that the compound in garlic called Allium sativum can help balance immune and inflammatory processes.

1 whole onion, chopped
Onions have been found to support digestive health and immune functions.

1/4 cup shredded turmeric
The compound found in turmeric, Curcumin, has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

1/4 cup shredded horseradish
Rich in the beneficial compounds folate and sinigrin, horseradish helps with inflammation and stimulates the body to help break up congestion.

1/4 cup shredded ginger
To date, over one hundred different compounds found in ginger give this fantastic root not only antioxidant properties but also neuroprotective, cardiovascular, and anticancer benefits.

1/2 cup parsley, chopped
Usually dismissed as a garnish, parsley is a true powerhouse of vitamins and essential nutrients such as Vit C, Vit B12, beta carotene and, iron. As well as other compounds that help strengthen the liver boosting the body’s natural detoxifying processes.

1 lemon, sliced
High in vitamin C, lemons help support immune function; incorporating the rind adds limonene, which helps with digestive functions and supports the immune system.

1 jalapeno pepper, chopped
Most all peppers contain capsaicin, which helps the body deal with inflammation. Capsaicin is also the compound that makes peppers spicy, so the spicier the pepper, the more it contains. Feel free to substitute for your favorite spicy pepper.

1/4 to 1/2 cup honey to taste
One of nature’s most powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, honey, has been cultivated since before written records and one of the very first medicines ever documented.


Traditional method-

Cut all the fruit and vegetable ingredients, measure, and put them in a large jar. Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar until the mixture is completely covered. Make sure to leave the honey out at this point. Seal the jar with a wax-lined or plastic lid; if your only option is metal, drape parchment or wax paper over the lip before screwing on the lid to prevent a chemical reaction between the metal and the vinegar. Place the mixture in a cool dark place, and agitate the jar once per day for about four weeks. The liquid will turn a brown color, and the plant materials should lose most of their color. Once complete, strain out the solids and pour the fire-cider into a clean bottle or sealable vessel.

Short cut method-

Following the same steps as above, place all the ingredients (excepting honey) into a medium or large crockpot and slow cook on low for approximately four hours, then strain and pour into a clean bottle or sealable vessel and allow to cool to room temperature.


Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight. We recommend using a refrigerator, where it can last up to 6 weeks.

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