Sinus Winter Tips: How to Avoid Sinusitis Symptoms this Winter

Sinus Winter Tips: How to Avoid Sinusitis Symptoms this Winter

Sinus Winter Tips

Many look forward to the holiday season. It’s a time where families and friends get together, celebrating life and all it has to offer. Unfortunately, the winter can come with its fair share of setbacks. Besides the frigid temperatures, sinusitis can often rear its ugly head and make the winter season miserable. To add to it, for many sinusitis sufferers during the winter, their symptoms are worse. Many are more vulnerable to winter sinusitis when the temperatures drop, but luckily, following some helpful sinus winter tips can make all the difference in how you feel this season.

Sinusitis is a common sinus problem, and during the winter, the symptoms of sinusitis can intensify. Luckily these useful sinus winter tips can help you relieve those debilitating sinusitis symptoms.

  • While the temptation may be there to drink at social functions this holiday season, for the sake of your sinuses, you should do your best to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can and will exacerbate your sinusitis symptoms.
  • The holiday season can be exhausting, and being sleep deprived can make your symptoms intensify. Getting plenty of rest is vital if you want to feel better, especially since inflammation markers increase when you don’t sleep. Sleep is healing, so make sure you are getting good-quality sleep every night.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids is necessary for good health, and can help improve upon your sinusitis symptoms. Drinking plenty of hot liquids and other hydrating fluids can help thin out the mucus and help keep it loose.
  • Make sure the air in your home is not to dry but investing in a humidifier. Having a humidifier in your home will add moisture back into the air, which can help prevent your nasal passages from drying out. However, ensure your humidifier remains free of mold and bacteria. Moreover, regular maintenance, including thorough furnace troubleshooting, is essential to guarantee the efficient and reliable operation of your heating unit. You may also seek oil furnace repair portland services to help boost the efficiency of your furnace.¬†Call on a furnace repair services provider to inspect and service your heating unit to avoid mechanical breakdowns. You may also contact an expert in furnace repairs in Eaton, OH if you’re from the Ohio area.
  • When you sleep at night, make sure you prop up your head with an extra pillow or a wedge. Keeping your head elevated while you sleep can help prevent your mucus from collecting in your sinuses, which is what would happen if you slept with your head down.
  • Be kind to your nose, especially when you are blowing your nose. When clearing your sinuses, make sure you blow your nose gently, one nostril at a time. If you forcefully blow your nose, you can irritate your nasal passages more and even send mucus back up into your sinuses.

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