Winter Sinusitis Tips: 7 Ways to Stay Clear of Sinusitis this Winter

7 Ways to Stay Clear of Sinusitis this Winter

Winter Sinusitis Tips

Winter is here, and that means Christmas, family gatherings, winter sports, and cold weather. For many individuals, the winter is a time for having fun and celebrating life, but for some, the winter can be a miserable season. Due to the cold weather, sufferers of sinusitis don’t always look forward to this time of year. Winter sinusitis can make a person feel miserable, and that can put a damper on the holiday fun. During the winter, sinus headaches, inflammation, coughing, and the infamous runny nose can become intensified. It also doesn’t help that the cold weather makes your nose produce extra mucus! However, by following the simple winter sinusitis tips below you can get some relief, and still enjoy the season. Firstly, hire services of carpet cleaning virginia beach and get your carpets and rugs cleaned, since these are the carriers of dust into the house and spreads it everywhere.

Luckily there are steps you can take that will help you enjoy and embrace the winter season. Learn how to stay clear of sinus issues this season with these helpful winter sinusitis tips.

1. Stay healthy to avoid catching a cold or the flu. Do this by keeping your stress levels down as low as possible, getting enough sleep every night, staying hydrated, and by eating nutritious, whole foods.

2. Avoid or limit your alcohol consumption, and try your best to watch what you eat. Even though it is tempting to over-eat and drink during the holidays, do your best to eat and drink in moderation.

3. If you are feeling any pressure in your sinuses, use steam to loosen mucus and help relieve congestion. You can do this by taking a hot shower, or by using a steam inhalation machine.

4. If you have an air filtration system set up, make sure you change out your air filters about every six months. Keep in mind this can vary depending on your unit, but make sure to keep them clean so you can continue to efficiently collect the dander, dust, and pollen in your space.

5. It’s not uncommon for the air to become dry during the winter, thanks to heaters. To help add some moisture back into the air, invest in a humidifier to help relieve your dry skin and stuffy sinuses.

6. To help minimize the number of dust mites and dander on your bedding, make sure to wash your sheets and your pillowcases regularly. It may also help to invest in an allergen-proof material to cover your mattress and pillows with.

7. Carpets are known to harbor dust, dander, and other allergens. To help minimize the chances of sinusitis this winter, try to have small rugs that can be cleaned easily, or if you have wall-to-wall carpeting make sure they are cleaned regularly by companies Citrus Bright Cleaning.

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