Sinusitis Triggers in the Household: What’s Lurking in Your Home?

What’s Lurking in Your Home? Common Household Sinusitis Triggers

Sinusitis Triggers
Sinus infections are more than just a stuffy nose as this condition can bring with it a host of other uncomfortable symptoms and the worst part? Sometimes they just don’t seem to ever go away. However, did you know that if you suffer from chronic sinusitis, it is because sinusitis triggers may be lurking in your home? While it may be due to the weather, or from the air at the office, your home should be added to the list of potential factors. Especially if your sinus infection is not clearing up and has become a chronic condition.

Protect yourself by learning more about some of the common household sinusitis triggers so you can get a better handle on this chronic condition.

Toiletries and perfumes/cologne – Cologne, perfume, hairspray, and other toiletries are all sinusitis triggers that can contain strong fragrances that linger in the air and can trigger sinus symptoms. If you find yourself affected by these products, make sure you only spray them in well-ventilated spaces.
Household cleaning products – While you may not think that cleaning products can be one of the culprits, guess again. Harsh chemicals can have an adverse effect on your sinuses, so if you suffer from chronic sinusitis try switching out your harsh chemicals with something milder.
Dust – According to Clean Group website, a common culprit, dust is very easy to overlook and miss. Many people merely clean what’s on the surface and visible, but it is essential to do a deep cleaning of your home regularly so you can get into the nooks and crannies. If you live in a windy or dusty area, make sure you pay attention to the overlooked areas of your home.
Mold – Mold is a common culprit in many households, so if you think your house is immune to mold think again. Mold isn’t always visible, so if you live in damp or humid conditions, start investigating your home. Mold can live on your clothes, under carpets (maintain its originality with the help of professionals at carpet cleaning grand junction), on ceilings, underneath wallpaper, on curtains/blinds, and near leaky sinks.
Pet dander – While you love your fur babies, if you have an animal that sheds hair, it may be one of the causes of your sinus problems, especially if the animal spends a significant amount of time outdoors. Try keeping your pets off of the couches and beds, and if your sinus problems are terrible, keep them out of your bedroom entirely. Make sure to vacuum and groom your pets regularly, and keep their bedding, cages, and litter boxes clean to help remove allergens and bacteria.

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