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Look and Feel Your Best with these Helpful Beauty and Allergy Makeup Tips

Allergy Makeup Tips

Even though it is December, allergies can still ruin your day, and there’s nothing worse than feeling miserable and thinking you look miserable. While you probably don’t look as miserable […]

The Top Underlying Causes of Sinusitis

Causes of Sinusitis

Your sinuses provide life for your body, but when they are inflamed, and the flow of oxygen is interrupted, and your body feels the effects as a result. Sinus infections […]

You Are What You Eat: Foods to Avoid With a Mold Allergy

Foods High in Mold

Mold is everywhere. It can be found indoors and outdoors, even if you don’t notice it. Having an allergy to mold is pretty common, but did you know that one […]

Tips for Traveling with Allergies

Tips for Traveling with Allergies

November is here and the holidays are right around the corner, and for some of us, this means hitting the road. Some of the busiest travel days of the year […]

Make Bath Time Spooky with this Sinus-Clearing Halloween Bath Bomb Recipe

Halloween Bath Bomb Recipe

For us in the United States, cold and flu season begins to increase in October. Which unfortunately also coincides with the start of the holiday season, as Halloween is at […]

6 Ways to Have a Safe and Allergy-Free Halloween

Allergy-Free Halloween

While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, that doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers lurking in the shadows. For those with severe environmental or food allergies, this joyful celebration comes […]

Help Fight Sinus Congestion with These 7 Spicy Foods

When you are dealing with painful and uncomfortable symptoms, the first instinct of many is to head to their medicine cabinet, and who could blame them? When you feel like […]

Breathe Better This Season With These Helpful Fall Allergy Tips

Fall Allergy Tips

When it comes to seasonal allergies, the springtime is not the only time you need to watch out for. During the fall, the air cools down and the leaves start […]

Recover Your Voice Quickly with These Helpful Laryngitis Tips

Laryngitis Tips

When you have a case of laryngitis, your voice box, or larynx, becomes angry and inflamed. This inflammation prevents your vocal cords from vibrating properly and can put a damper […]

Lower Your Pitch with Thyroplasty Surgery

Thyroplasty Surgery

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy with a high-pitched voice, or a girl with a low-pitched voice, not sounding like your gender can have negative repercussions on a […]