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Help Fight Sinus Congestion with These 7 Spicy Foods

When you are dealing with painful and uncomfortable symptoms, the first instinct of many is to head to their medicine cabinet, and who could blame them? When you feel like […]

Breathe Better This Season With These Helpful Fall Allergy Tips

Fall Allergy Tips

When it comes to seasonal allergies, the springtime is not the only time you need to watch out for. During the fall, the air cools down and the leaves start […]

Recover Your Voice Quickly with These Helpful Laryngitis Tips

Laryngitis Tips

When you have a case of laryngitis, your voice box, or larynx, becomes angry and inflamed. This inflammation prevents your vocal cords from vibrating properly and can put a damper […]

Lower Your Pitch with Thyroplasty Surgery

Thyroplasty Surgery

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy with a high-pitched voice, or a girl with a low-pitched voice, not sounding like your gender can have negative repercussions on a […]

Improve Your Sinuses with Yoga: Top Asanas for Sinus Relief

Improve Your Sinuses with Yoga

Sinus problems such as sinusitis are common conditions that can leave many people miserable. Unfortunately, most medications can leave you feeling run-down and potentially feeling worse if you suffer from […]

How to Keep Your Sinuses Healthy

How to Avoid Sinus Problems

Dealing with sinus pressure and pain is something that many of us have in common. In fact, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, more than 37 million Americans experience […]

Allergens Be Gone: How to Allergy-Proof Your Lawn

Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Lawn

It’s hard to stay indoors during the summer. With the warm temperatures and sunny skies, many of us like to work in their yard. While it’s beautiful outside during this […]

Have a Nosebleed? Learn What to Do

What to Do When You Have a Nosebleed

Nosebleeds are one of those sorts of things that we all get from time to time, but nobody likes to talk about it. Luckily, getting a nosebleed is pretty common […]

The Little Known Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Are you or a loved one plagued by loud, aggressive snoring that are often followed by long silences? Do you or a loved one toss and turn all night and […]

A Clean Nose is a Happy Nose: Nasal Irrigation Tips

Nasal Irrigation Tips

Edmond Rostand once wrote, “A great nose may be an index of a great soul.” While this can’t be proven, it is a medical fact that your nose may be […]