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How to Breathe Easy this Fourth of July

Fourth of July allergies

Today is the Fourth of July, and you know what that means – fireworks, barbeques, swimming, outdoor activities, and lots of patriotic fun. There’s no better day to get together […]

The Benefits of Nasal Irrigation

Nasal Irrigation

Nowadays, many people are allergic to mold, dust, and pollen, all of which can lead to irritation, swelling, congestion, and post nasal drip. Unfortunately, when there is a persistent buildup […]

Remove Toxins from the Air with These 7 Amazing Air-Purifying Plants

Air-Purifying Plants

Many people spend a lot of time in their homes, especially during the winter, and the air in your house doesn’t always circulate well. Due to this, the air inside […]

The Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier for Sinus Problems

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

When the air in your house is overly dry, issues can arise, especially if you have asthma or severe allergies. While some of the symptoms of dry air can be […]

Food for Allergies: How to Curb Your Allergies with Food

Food for Allergies

For many people, it seems like each year their allergies get a bit worse, even experts agree. While we may like the change of the seasons, they can be hard […]

Houseplants for Allergies: The Best and Worst Plants for Allergies

Houseplants for Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, getting a houseplant for your home may be the last thing on your mind. Yes, some indoor plants can make it very difficult to breathe, […]

The Most Common Myths about Sinus Surgery

Myths about Sinus Surgery

Do you find that you are often having difficulty breathing, and find that you are always congested? Do you find that taking medication doesn’t help alleviate your symptoms? If so, […]

6 Ways to Help Ease Dry Sinuses

Dry Sinuses

When you think of a sinus infection, many picture congestion and a stuffy nose, but there is another type of sinus infection that comes with no mucus. With the dry […]

Know the Truth: The Common Myths Related to the Sinuses

Common Myths Related to the Sinuses

Sinus problems, while common, can affect people in different ways. Some individuals are blessed in the respect that they have little to no sinus symptoms, while others are in constant […]

Did You Know: Fun and Interesting Sinus Facts

Sinus Facts

Your sinuses are vital to the health and wellbeing of your body, but yet many people only think of them when they have a stuffy nose or are having a […]