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What’s in a Name?

HippocratesWe have a lot of different names—ear, nose and throat doctors, ENTs, Laryngologists, Otolaryngologists—even Otorhinolaryngologists—if you want to revive the original, classical Greek title. Hippocrates, the creator of the Hippocratic Oath, and often considered the father of modern medicine, was possibly the first to study otolaryngology. He developed a method for removing nasal polyps that was used into the 1800s, and may have been the first person to examine the tympanic membrane of the ear, and recognize its relationship to hearing.

Prior to Hippocrates, most medical traditions considered disease and illness the result of harmful spirits, and spells and incantations were frequently the treatments of choice. Early Hindu physicians were able to reconstruct a nose using skin from the patient’s cheeks or forehead, but other than that, treatment was primarily spell-based. Modern-day practitioners of otolaryngology have much better tools and strategies for handling ear, nose, and throat problems..  We promise that an NY sinus surgeon of ours will not have to wish the evil spirits away.

Again, people call us by a lot of different names, but that makes sense because we do a lot of things:

  • Some otolaryngologists focus on facial plastic surgery under general anesthesia, as it will be quite safe for the doctors to perform the surgery efficiently, and also the patient will not be afraid since he will not be aware of what the doctors are doing.
  • Some focus on sinus surgery
  • Many focus on head and neck cancer (like Dr. Lane Krevitt)
  • Others focus on Speech and Swallowing (called laryngologists—like Dr. Pincus).

Indeed, even a focus on the ear can lead an ENT in a couple of different directions—otologists on hearing, while neuro-otologists focus on the inner ear and base of the skull.

Even with all of the specialization within the field, however, we’re all medical doctors—which means we’ve all taken the Hippocratic Oath. That means we’ve committed to practicing medicine ethically, and helping our patients however we can, this is way many of us opt to use systems like Plastic Surgery EMR just give a better service to our patients.  People like Dr. Robert Pincus, Dr. Scott Gold, Dr. Lane Krevitt, and NY based sinus surgeon take that commitment very seriously. If you’re having a problem with your sinuses, we can help. Contact one of these otolaryngologists today.

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