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Sinus Relief…The Really Old-Fashioned Way

Acupressure for Sinus ReliefIf you’re a sinusitis sufferer, you know that waiting to see the doctor, for the antibiotics to kick in, for relief—is just plain awful. When you can’t breathe, and your face is throbbing, minutes turn into hours and a day can last several years. Sure, there are things you can use to manage the discomfort. But you just might not be able to keep the decongestants, neti pot, and steam basin handy when you’re doing things like meeting with clients or watching your kids play soccer. Fortunately, there is a sinus solution you can take with you anywhere, and practice any time. Acupressure for sinus relief, a system of self-care that is similar to acupuncture (but without the needles) has been used for centuries to manage a variety of health conditions—including sinus pressure, and other symptoms of sinusitis.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the energy in the body flows along particular lines known as meridians. On these meridians, there are specific points, sometimes known as acupoints. Gently but firmly rubbing these acupoints with a finger can help alleviate problematic symptoms, according to this medicinal system.

So, what are some the points typically used for sinus relief?

  • The side of your nose at the base of your nostrils.
  • Right next to your nose, where the hard cartilage ends.
  • In the middle of the webbing between your thumb and index finger. This point, known as “Hoku” is good for all-around well-being and pain management.
  • The base of the occiput—with your fingers, trace your spine up until you feel the base of your skull. Feel about 1/2 inch on either side of the spine for the tender points.
  • Right in the middle of your forehead.

Still feeling the pain? Contact Dr Robert Pincus, Dr Scott Gold, or Dr. Sperling at the New York Sinus Center today. We know the strategies for helping you eliminate sinusitis, including acupressure for sinus relief.

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