Bridge of the Nose Pain: What Are The Causes?

Bridge of the Nose Pain: What Are The Causes?

Bridge of the Nose Pain

Located before the soft cartilage of the nostrils, the bridge of the nose is an area of the body that is often vulnerable to both trauma and infection. Unfortunately, the […]

Air Travel and Your Sinuses, Is It Safe?

Air Travel and Your Sinuses, Is It Safe?

You may not be aware, but traveling on a plane when you have a severe cold or sinus infection can be quite painful. Air travel and sinuses don’t always mix […]

Natural Ways to Soothe Your Sore Throat this Winter

Ways to Soothe Your Sore Throat

It’s December and winter is in full swing, which means cold and flu season is here. While having a nose that’s like Niagara Falls is frustrating, having a sore, painful […]

7 Reasons Why Your Sinusitis is Worse During the Winter

Sinusitis is Worse During the Winter

While some individuals typically suffer the symptoms of sinusitis during the spring, due to the change of weather and because of pollen allergies, there are people who suffer from sinusitis […]

Do I Have a Sinus Infection? Know the Signs to Look Out For

Signs and Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

During the appearance of fall, it is common for most of us to start gearing up for cold and allergy season. With cooler temperatures ahead, sinus issues can become more […]

Fight Off the Common Cold with these Helpful Tips

Tips for Fighting Off the Common Cold

As the temperatures drop, the days of sneezing, nose-dripping, and coughing are upon us. Between the cold temperatures and more times spent indoors (without fresh air), it’s no wonder that […]

Get Rid of Your Nasal Dryness with These Helpful Dry Sinuses Tips

Tips for Dry Sinuses

Dry sinuses can happen to the best of us, while for others, dry nasal and sinus passageways are a common occurrence. Living in an arid environment with low humidity as […]

Need Some Relief? Top Fall Allergy Tips

Fall Allergy Tips

While you may think that allergies only hit during the spring and summer, the fall season can be just as troublesome. Due to the weather change, allergy symptoms can still […]

DIY Halloween-Inspired Sinus Bath Soak Recipe for Sinus Congestion

Sinus Bath Soak Recipe

An irritating ailment, sinus congestion affects all of us at one point or another during our lifetime, and for some of us, that number can be mighty high. Especially during […]

How to Avoid Allergens this Halloween

Halloween Allergy Triggers

For parents with children with allergies, Halloween can be a hair-raising time, and it’s not because of the scary decorations or costumes. Instead, it has everything to do with Halloween […]