Allergies And Ear Infections: What's the Connection?

The Connection Between Allergies And Ear Infections

Allergies And Ear Infections

When it comes to allergies, ear infections are not commonly associated together. But the reality is ear infections can be attributed to allergies, which means patients with allergies have more risk of developing ear infections than people without allergies. This article will cover the connection between allergies and ear infections and what treatments are available.

The Connection Between Allergies and Ear Infections

One of the body’s reactions to allergens is the creation of excess mucus; this is an attempt to block the offending particulate from getting too deep inside the body and to flush it out. Where these allergens are able to make contact, the result is swelling and inflammation. Like the sinuses, the tissue around the Eustachian tubes can become swollen and inflamed, leading to increasing pressure as fluid builds up. These reactions can become chronic and lead to infection.

Common Symptoms of Ear Infections

Ear infections most affect children due to the delicate nature of growing tissues in the inner ear of children. However, this condition is not unique to children; problems with the inner ear, the bones in the ear, and the tissue surrounding the eardrum can affect patients of any age. The most common symptoms include:

• Pain radiating from inside the ear
• Headaches
• Excessive drainage from the ears
• Muffled sound and sound distortion issues
• Balance issues
• Fever
• Discomfort when bending over and lying down

Common Treatment Options

The first round of treatment is usually antibiotics, the most effective treatment. More proactive approaches include balloon sinuplasty, ear tube implants, and adenoid removal surgery. Even though this condition is most common in children, adults can still develop allergy-related ear infections, most commonly referred to as otitis media. In extreme cases, this condition could lead to eardrum rupture, causing more damage. As long as proper drainage of the sinuses is restored, these infections should clear up. If you or a loved one suspect that you might have an ear infection make sure to see your doctor right away to help find the relief you need.

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