Summer Sinus Issues: Summer Sinus Tips to Help You Breathe Easy

Summer (and Beyond) Sinus Tips to Help You Breathe Easy

Summer Sinus Issues

Summer is still here, and for many people, it’s the prime time to experience the awful side effects of allergens and irritants on those with sensitive sinuses. Summer sinus issues can rear their ugly head at any point, but the worst days for allergies tend to be the hot and humid days, those are the same days that everyone else wants to be outside as much as possible to enjoy the sunny days.

Letting your summer sinus issues get in the way can ruin your entire summer. Fortunately, you are not alone. Over 30 million U.S. citizens suffer from some variety of allergies. But there’s hope. Here are some helpful tips to help you reduce the effects of allergens and irritants all summer, and year long.

• It’s always a good idea the keep your sinuses moisturized; you can use a saline spray, a squeeze bottle, or a neti-pot. This can help to rinse out pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Nasal irrigation can go a long way all by itself to help provide relief from allergy symptoms.

• Following good cleaning habits around the house can also help reduce the effect of allergens inside your home environment. Make sure to vacuum regularly, preferably one with a built-in HEPA filter, wash your bedding at least once a week, and make sure to clean all the vents and dust your surfaces to prevent allergens and irritants from building up and causing issues.

• Make sure to check the daily allergen reports for your area; that way, you can attempt to stay indoors as much as possible on days that have high counts.

• As much as fresh air is excellent for health, it is essential to shut any windows or openings to the outside on days with high allergens. A HEPA filter or air purifying system can help clean the air inside and give you a comfortable place to be.

• If you must be outside, make sure to take precautions. If you are doing yard work or gardening, wearing a face mask and gloves can provide an extra bit of protection from outdoor irritants.

• Make sure to leave your shoes by the door, take a shower and change into fresh clothes on high allergen days or after working outside. The same goes for our animal friends; bathe your pet often to remove any potential irritants they might bring back with them.

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