Tame Your Allergies: How to Get a Handle on Your Fall Allergies

How to Tame Your Fall Allergies

Tame Your Allergies

With summer on its way out and fall on its way in, many fall flowers and weeds are in bloom. For those with seasonal allergies, now is the time to tame your allergies and treat them early in preparation for the fall season. Even though fall is not the peak time for allergies since it leads into the cold and flu season, these issues can quickly become compounded, and it can be difficult to tell if they’re suffering from a cold or dealing with allergies. So use this time in-between seasons to learn how to take control of your symptoms.

Luckily, there are ways to tame your allergies and get a handle on your symptoms. Learn what to watch out for, and check out some of the ways you can manage your fall allergy symptoms.

• One of the best ways to deal with seasonal allergies is to treat it early before symptoms begin to show. Unfortunately, allergies can be harder to treat if you wait until you start experiencing symptoms. So go to the drugstore and update your supply before your allergy symptoms start.

• Even though we can still have warm days during the fall when you have allergies, you should avoid leaving the windows open. Pollen and other allergens can make their way into your home or office, so keep the windows closed and air conditioning on in the meantime.

• Every night before bed, take a shower to wash off the grime of the day and to rid yourself of any allergens that has attached itself to you throughout the day. Pollen can attach itself to your hair, so take a shower before bed to wash the pollen off of your hair and body.

• Using a non-medicated nasal rinse is a great way to find relief from allergens. While it’s not recommended to do before bed, but using a nasal rinse can help wash pollen and other allergens from the sinuses.

• Keeping a clean home goes a long way in regulating the number of allergens you come into contact with. Start getting yourself into good habits now by regularly cleaning, washing your sheets at least once a week, vacuum frequently, and if possible, invest in a HEPA air purifier to help keep the air clean.

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