Spring Allergy Recipe: “Stinging” Pineapple Cherry Spring Allergy Smoothie

A Spring Recipe to Help You Drink Away Your Allergy Symptoms

Spring Allergy Recipe

With the spring season underway, many of us are contending with allergies, and it can make your life miserable. When the immune system overreacts to allergens such as pollen, we can experience a variety of symptoms from watery, itchy eyes to a nose that won’t stop running. Even though there are plenty of over-the-counter medications available for allergies, many of them come with some pretty undesirable side effects. Many can make you feel spacy and groggy, and who wants to spend their day feeling like that? Having an allergic reaction is bad enough, and we don’t need medication side effects to compound our problem even more. Thankfully, Mother Nature supplies us with what we need, so it’s best to give the natural route a try first, especially when that road is pretty tasty. Luckily, we have a delicious spring allergy recipe listed below that can help keep you healthy and soothe your allergy symptoms – anyone up for a “stinging” pineapple cherry spring allergy smoothie?

Many forms of allergy medication can come with unwanted side effects, so it’s best to try the natural route first. Luckily, there are many delicious ways you can achieve this. If you are looking for a natural and delicious solution for your spring allergies, then check out this yummy, easy to make spring allergy recipe that is sure to satisfy.

A “Stinging” Pineapple Cherry Spring Allergy Smoothie


• ½ cup of cherries (frozen or fresh, just make sure pits are removed if using fresh)
• 1 cup of chopped pineapple (fresh preferred, if not, frozen)
• 1 tsp of fresh ginger root, grated
• 1 cup of stinging nettle tea
• 2-3 tsp of raw, local honey (adjust to taste)


1. To make stinging nettle tea, place two bags of stinging nettle tea into a cup of hot water, and let steep for 10 minutes. You can use loose herbs as well. Just make sure to strain out the nettles after 10 minutes. Let cool.
2. In a high-speed blender, place all of the ingredients and blend until well-mixed and smooth. Adjust liquid if necessary, and adjust the honey to taste.
3. Garnish, if desired. Serve and enjoy!

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