Natural Sinus Relief: Using Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

Using Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

We have all been there before, having to contend with sinus pressure and congestion. A common condition, sinus congestion can linger for a few days or several weeks, making a person seek out prescription medication to give them some relief. Unfortunately, many prescription drugs come with side-effects that can make you feel worse before you start to feel better. However, using essential oils for sinus congestion can help.

Sinus congestion that remains unchecked can lead to sinus infections, which feels terrible since it creates not only nasal congestion, but also other symptoms such as headaches, facial tenderness, and the feeling of pressure in the teeth, nose, and ears. Luckily there are natural, holistic ways to combat the symptoms of sinus congestion. One way to get relief is to use essential oils which have been used for centuries as a natural alternative to synthetic medications.

You can use essential oils in a few different ways. One way is you can place a few drops into a bowl of hot, steaming water, put a towel around the back of your head as you lean forward to inhale the sinus-clearing steam. Placing a few drops into your tub is another excellent way to inhale the soothing vapors. You can also make an inhaler by adding a few drops of your choice of essential oil to coarse sea salt. Just make sure it’s stored in a small, dark glass bottle that has a lid so it can close. This way, when you need relief, you can open it up and inhale the soothing aroma. Making massage oil by blending a few drops of essential oil into the carrier oil of your choice (i.e., almond oil, olive oil) is also another option. You can use this therapeutic massage oil by massaging it into your forehead and cheeks (watch out for your eyes!). If you want to make your home smell lovely, while gaining some relief, you can place a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser and breathe deeply, all day long.

If you are interested in using essential oils for sinus congestion, gain some relief with these oils that are beneficial for preventing and treating sinus congestion.

• Lavender
• Cajeput
• Clove
• Menthol
• Rosemary
• Eucalyptus
• Tea Tree
• Geranium
• Frankincense
• Pine
• Thyme
• Lemon
• Oregano
• Marjoram
• Sweet Basil
• Peppermint
• Cinnamon
• Cedarwood
• Myrtle

It is vital to know that before you use essential oils to relieve congestion, there are a few risks that you must be aware of. First, you never want to ingest an essential oil unless it specifically states that it’s food-grade and safe for internal consumption. Also, you never want to apply essential oils directly onto your skin without diluting them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Applying essential oils directly onto your skin can cause rashes, burns, skin irritations, as well as itchiness.

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