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Resolutions for Better Breathing in the New Year

Allergy New Year ResolutionsThe New Year is all about new beginnings; it’s a perfect time to assess and reevaluate the prior year, set goals and improve upon what you have learned from the previous year. However, when you have severe allergies, your life can turn upside down, and it can be hard to find balance. The New Year is a great time to go over your health management plan and reevaluate what you are doing, so you are able to take control. Tweaks in your normal routine, both big and small, can make a tremendous difference in your life. If you suffer from allergies and have problems with your sinuses, you should consider adding these Allergy New Year’s resolutions to your list for 2016.

Allergy New Year’s Resolutions

1. I will work with my doctor to help establish, or continue upon improving my health treatment plan. I know my doctor will help keep me on track. If I do not have a doctor, I will find one so I can start the steps to better health.
I will educate myself on the advancements of the medical world. I know that knowledge is power, and will do nothing but help me.
I will practice good hygiene and will wash my hands often. I know that staying clean will help me avoid becoming ill.
I will take time for my body and mind to rest. It doesn’t matter how intense my schedule may be, I will schedule in time for rest. I will also establish good bedtime habits, as a tired body is more susceptible to injury and infection.
I will not worry about the things I cannot control; stress is an everyday part of life, so I will work around it and develop healthy coping skills. I will be that person that handles mishaps with patience and grace.
I will eat a balanced diet; one that is high in vegetables and fruits, and includes quality lean protein. Also, I will not skip meals and I will nourish my body, as it requires nutrients in order to work properly and fight off illness.
I will exercise more and will exercise smarter, because I know a healthy mind comes with having a healthy body. I will avoid exercising in cold weather, and know that I might be susceptible to the indoor and outdoor air pollution. I will take preventative measures by bringing any medications I might need with me.
I will make my home a better place to breathe. I will do what it takes to make the air quality inside my home healthier for everyone who enters. I know I have many options to achieve this, such as using HEPA vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, as well as certain house plants.
I will remember to avoid my triggers, no matter how tempting they may be!
I will make my lungs happy by not using tobacco products. If I smoke, I will get the assistance I need in order to help me quit. I know smoking is linked to over 300 diseases, and I want to keep my body healthy and strong.
I will dress better for the weather. This means protecting my mouth and nose in windy weather or on those cold winter days, as well as layering up so I can better prevent myself from getting too hot or too cold.
I will prepare in advance in order to make traveling easier on myself. I will schedule any appointments I might need before I depart, and I will take the medications that I need with me. Some places now offer allergy-free rooms, so I will do my research or bring what I need in order to make my trip a pleasant one.
I will make it my mantra that I cannot take care of anything or anyone else if I haven’t taken care of myself first!

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