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How Nasal Irrigation Can Help Your Sinuses Right Now


Whether you’ve got a runny rose from a cold or even just seasonal allergies, nasal irrigation is one of the easiest way to improve the overall health of your sinuses. The way it works is by flushing the sinuses with salt water and washing away any of the irritants, stuck in the sinuses or in the mucus that are causing the sinus problems. Mayo Clinic studies have even shown that those who use nasal irrigation on their sinuses twice daily have seen significant improvements in their sinus issues. We have a few reasons why we think nasal irrigation might be the right thing for you too!

Removing The Problem

One of the great things about nasal irrigation is that it takes whatever is irritating the sinuses and simply removes it from the body. By removing the irritant, this allows the sinuses to heal and recover more quickly and more efficiently.

When Your Sick

Nasal irrigation is both inexpensive and phenomenal when it comes to easing your sinus symptoms. When you are sick, it can be incredibly helpful in allowing you to breath better and feel less congested. Flushing your sinuses more than once a day is definitely recommended in this instance however, and if your symptoms last longer than normal, be sure to go see a doctor for further medical treatment.

Just A Cleanse

The great part about nasal irrigation is that it’s not only good for your sinuses when you are sick, but it also provides an excellent means of routine cleansing your nasal passages. Just like spring cleaning, flushing out your sinuses with irrigation helps keep your sinuses feeling clear and healthy.

Preventing A Cold

Routinely using nasal irrigation has also been shown to prevent you from catching a cold as well. Pathogens and germs get caught in our sinuses just from the air we breathe, which is why cold and flu season is so tough. By washing out the sinuses regularly, this clears out the lingering bacteria before it has the chance to wreak too much havoc on your body.

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