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Four Easy Fixes For Silent Reflux


Do you have what feels like heartburn, but isn’t exactly painful in anyway? Silent reflux, often referred to in more medical terms as¬†superesophageal, is what happens when stomach acid comes up above the esophagus into the throat and back of nose. Silent reflux doesn’t necessarily burn the way indigestion does, but it is often accompanied by coughing, a hoarse voice, and a constant need to clear the throat. If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of silent reflux like these, then we have four tips for silent reflux to remedy the issue!

Easy On The Acidity

Silent reflux can often occur when you have too much acidity in your stomach. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and stay away from both acidic and acid-causing foods such as onions, tomatoes, and chocolate. It may also be helpful to avoid citrus, caffeine, cocktails and carbonated beverages too. Try replacing those acidic foods with more alkaline foods which actually reduce stomach acidity. Alkaline foods include green veggies, almond milk, and bananas.

Chew Some Gum

I bet you never thought chewing gum could have an impact on your health! By chewing a piece of gum after you eat, you’ll not only be freshening your breath, but also increasing how much you salivate which aids in the digestion process by neutralizing stomach acid. It’s even a bonus if your gum is minty, since mint also is known for aiding in digestion, resulting in less of a chance that silent reflux will occur.

The Time You Eat

Sometimes, it’s all about your timing. Do you eat very late at night or at infrequent times? Studies have shown that those individuals who avoid eating for at least three hours before bed, experienced less overall silent reflux than those who ate dinner closer to their bed time. By allowing your body to digest before it’s time to sleep, you’ll end up sleeping better and lessening your silent reflux issues at the same time!

Other Lifestyle Changes

There are lots of lifestyle changes that can be made that may also be contributing to your silent reflux without you even knowing. People have seen varying improvements in their silent reflux from stopping smoking, changing their diet to include less processed foods, and even from wearing less constrictive clothing around the waist. For more help with fixing your silent reflux, make an appointment with us today!

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