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What Is Nasal Endoscopy?

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Taking a look inside

Nasal endoscopy is a common procedure that lets a doctor check the inside of your nasal passages and sinus openings. The doctor conducts the procedure with a small tube-like device called an endoscope that features special cameras and lights.
Nasal endoscopy is done in-office, and is sometimes used in conjunction with a CT scan to help a doctor recommend the right sinus treatment.

The procedure might be used for patients who:

    • Have frequent sinus infections
    • Suffer from sinus headaches
    • Have trouble breathing

Here’s how the process — which is quick and generally painless — works:

    • In some cases, the doctor will numb the nasal cavity with a local anesthetic.
    • The doctor will then move the endoscope into the nasal passages to get a view of the inside structure.
    • Using a special eyepiece, the doctor can check for nasal blockages, polyps, inflammation and other issues.
    • The doctor can use the information to help determine why a patient has recurring sinus problems.

what-is-an-endoscopeAlthough nasal endoscopy is often used to diagnose the cause of sinus problems, it can also be used for some sinus surgeries. In this case, special surgical instruments are inserted after the endoscope to fix blockages or repair damage. Endoscopic sinus surgery typically causes little pain and swelling, leaving no scars to be seen.

If you’re looking for relief from sinus problems, our NYC sinus treatment center is here to help. Our expert team can tell you if nasal endoscopy is right for you — and if not, help lead you to a sinus treatment that’s suited to your symptoms.


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