Can Sinus Infections Kill My Sense of Smell?

Can Sinus Infections Kill My Sense of Smell?

Can I lose my sense of smell forever?

Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, can temporarily dull your sense of smell. But can they actually do permanent damage?

Sense of Smell

For people who get a condition known as anosmia, the answer — in rare cases — is yes. Anosmia is the technical term for loss of smell, or the olfactory sense, and sinus problems can sometimes cause it.

Although anosmia can have many causes, ranging from smoking to viral infections to head trauma, it has several more common sinus-related causes:

  • Sinus inflammation
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Sinus blockages

Anosmia affects up to 20 % of the population, and often, it’s only temporary. About 50 percent of cases can be treated, and for cases that can’t be fully reversed, the right treatment can often minimize symptoms.nasal spray

Addressing the source of anosmia is often the most successful approach. For sinus-related anosmia, typical treatments could include:

Besides anosmia, sinus problems can lead to a host of other side effects, ranging from moderately annoying to severe. If you’re looking for a seasoned NY sinusitis treatment center, just give us a call to discuss a plan that’s suited to you.

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