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Is Your Home Making Your Allergies Worse?

The indoors can cause more allergies than the outdoors.

Does winter weather make you want to hibernate? If so, you’re not alone. But if you’re staying indoors to avoid those seasonal coughs and colds — not to mention chilly temps — then you might want to try allergy-proofing your home because you may be vulnerable to some of the most common indoor allergens. Allergies can strike in winter, too. And when allergies do flare up this time of year, they can be mistaken for common colds, leading to incorrect treatment and overmedication. Beyond that, untreated allergy attacks can lead to sinus infections (also called sinusitis), a leading cause of missed work and school.

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To help stay healthy at home, watch out for the most common indoor allergens.

Changing the bedding to help allergies

  • Dirty bedding and pillows. It’s not a pretty thought, but we shed skin everywhere we go. That makes a prime meal for dust mites. Wash linens, including pillowcases, in hot water every week to 10 days, and wash pillows every three months.
  • Pet dander. Speaking of animals, the real kind can trigger some people’s allergies, too. It’s not pet hair that causes allergy trouble, but rather things like dander. Be sure to regularly vacuum if you have pets at home, and wash surfaces where your pet commonly rests (pet beds, blankets and so on).
  • cat-danderShoes in the house. You wouldn’t want to track in winter slush…but you also probably wouldn’t want to track in pollen, either. Leave shoes in an entryway closet or designated area near the door, if possible.
  • Coats all around. Similar to shoes, coats can tote unwanted outdoor allergens. Keep coats in a closet until they’re needed, and clean them regularly. When it comes to your workspace you could get Toronto office cleaning company to assist you as well.
  • Cockroaches. It’s an unfortunate reality for many city-dwellers, but roaches know no seasons. Roach saliva and excretions contain common allergens, so be sure to close off cracks and crevices where roaches could enter, keep food put away and keep counters and trash areas clean to help avoid the pesky bugs. If you get commercial cleaners, who can help with deep cleaning your entire house, it can be beneficial to get rid of roaches as well.

If you’re dealing with allergies — or if your allergies have gone further to a sinus infection — then call us. Our expert team can help find the right allergy and sinusitis treatment for you, and give you personalized tips to help keep symptoms in check in the future.


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