Cockroaches and Asthma: Research Shows a Connection

Old Pest, New Problem

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Avoid dairy products that can create mucus

Recent research from Reuters suggests that there may be an additional reason New Yorkers are asthma-prone…roaches. Yes, cockroaches and asthma may be connected! And that is why residential pest control service is important. New York’s second-most-notorious insect may contribute to the development of asthma—the more exposure to roaches, the greater the odds of having particular antibodies in the bloodstream. These antibodies suggest cockroach exposure…and may contribute to the development of asthma. And in this record-breaking heat, roaches are proliferating like wildfire.

Other causes of asthma include heredity, environmental triggers, allergies, and even sinusitis. It’s true—treating your sinusitis can actually decrease your need for asthma medication.

While managing your asthma and creating an asthma plan, these are topics you should discuss with your doctor. There are some self-care treatments that can help keep you breathing easy:

  • Identify your triggers. Whether it’s mold, dander, peanuts, or all of the above, identifying your asthma triggers can help you be prepared when sudden symptoms strike.
  • Reduce your intake of sugar and dairy products. These are inflammatory foods, which can exacerbate inflammation in your bronchial tubes. They also can lead to acid reflux, which can cause sinusitis, and trigger asthma.
  • Use products to exterminate and have a strict termite control protocol, keep your home free of newspapers, which are breeding grounds for roaches , and plug up cracks in your walls which allow pests to enter your home.

Need help managing your asthma, sinusitis, or allergies? Contact an NY sinus doctor at our center today.  Dr Robert Pincus is one among many experts who are here to help.

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