Keep Sinuses Clear: How to Promote Healthy Drainage for Nasal Relief

Sinusitis and Drainage: How Can I Keep My Sinuses Clear?

Keep Sinuses Clear

Your sinuses play an important role, so it is crucial to keep them healthy. However, dealing with sinusitis happens even to the best of us, despite our best efforts to keep sinuses clear and healthy. Unfortunately, sinusitis typically occurs when the sinuses become blocked, which affects drainage. When this happens, trying to restore sinus drainage is crucial, especially if you are looking for relief.

If you have sinusitis, promoting drainage to keep sinuses clear and healthy is an excellent way to get some relief. Here are some ways to help facilitate the drainage process so that you can feel better in record time.

Clean Your Sinuses– By irritating your sinuses with a sterile saline solution, you can loosen mucus and help keep your nasal and sinus passages clean and healthy.

Stay Hydrated– Drinking enough water every day is essential for our overall health and is necessary if you want to promote sinus drainage. Staying hydrated can help loosen mucus and help promote drainage. Install a water treatment system to provide your family with clean and safe drinking water.

Stay Elevated at Night– When you hit the sack, make sure you keep your head elevated while you sleep. Raising your head while you sleep can help keep your breathing passages open and can help prevent mucus buildup.

Run a Humidifier– Moisture is your friend, especially when you want to promote mucus drainage. Humidification can help lubricate your sinuses, keeping them moist, all while thinning mucus to help drain your sinuses.

Get Steamy– Inhaling steam from a bowl or from a sink, or taking a shower, can help loosen mucus and promote drainage. For added assistance, add a few drops of eucalyptus, menthol, or peppermint to the water or onto your shower floor.

Cold and Warm Compresses– Rotating warm and cold compresses can help with drainage. Start with a warm compress placed over your forehead, nose, and cheeks for three minutes, then replace it with a cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this process two to three times for relief.

While home remedies can help you feel better, if you are experiencing a severe case of sinusitis, or your symptoms do not improve within four days, contact your doctor.

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