Summertime Sinus Tips: Have a Festive Summer, Without the Sniffles

How to Have a Festive Summer, Without the Added Sniffles

Summertime Sinus Tips

July is the time for festive outdoor activities, especially with Independence Day in the mix. The weather is warm, and the sun is shining, which entices us to spend more time outside. Between the Fourth of July and summer birthdays, many are sure to spend some time under the summer sun. However, for those with asthma and allergies, these summer get-togethers and parties can be a double-edged sword. While it may be helpful to get together, symptoms can strike and quickly change the tone of the day. However, by following our summertime sinus tips below, you can help minimize your chances of an allergy or asthma attack.

Checking out these helpful summertime sinus tips can help ensure you don’t fall victim to allergy and asthma symptoms. With a bit of foresight, you can put up your best defenses.

• Often, when we have a party celebration, balloons are involved. While we may think that everyone loves balloons, some people may actually be allergic. For those with a latex allergy, balloons can act as a trigger, so make sure you purchase latex-free ones for your next celebration.

• Food is often on the list as well when it comes to summer get-togethers. However, food allergies can be a serious threat. If you are hosting a party, try to find out if anyone in attendance has a food allergy. If you are not sure, it’s best to play it safe and stick to serving allergy-friendly recipes instead.

• If you are allergic to pollen and you know you are spending a significant amount of time outside, make sure you check out the daily pollen counts. Knowing if the pollen count is high or not can help you prepare, especially since allergy medicine works best when you take them before you are exposed.

• If you or someone you know has an allergy to insect bites and stings, make sure you have an EpiPen handy. Hanging out outdoors, especially in the grass, can put you at risk for insect bites, especially since their behavior can be unpredictable. Make sure you wear and reapply bug spray when needed to help ward off any unprovoked attacks.

• If you know you are going to be sitting in the grass, aim to find an alternative and take your allergy medications to help minimize your chances of an attack. Grass pollens can be high, and grass can also be a breeding ground for mold, so aim to spend some time away and take your allergy medication before you are exposed to help fend off an attack.

• Lighting a fire on a cool summer’s night can be the perfect way to end the day, as long as the smoke is not an irritant for you. Fireworks, campfires, and even the grill all produce smoke, which can be dangerous for those with asthma or COPD, so for best results, stay out of the smoke’s way.

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