Allergies and Valentine’s Day: How Not To Be Allergic to Valentine’s Day!

Don’t Be Allergic to Valentine’s Day!

Allergies and Valentine’s Day
For a person with allergies or asthma, Valentine’s Day isn’t always a bed of roses, as allergies and Valentine’s Day doesn’t always go so well. If their significant other does not take their condition in mind when planning a romantic dinner out, or when buying them a gift, the day could quickly take a turn for the worst. While some like to go over-the-top for this romantic holiday, for a person with severe asthma or allergies, keeping their health in mind can be a huge hit. Thoughtful gestures can quickly make this starry-eyed day even more romantic and memorable. There’s no better way to show your partner that you truly love and care for them.

Allergies and Valentine’s Day don’t have to pose a health risk. This Valentine’s Day, don’t let allergies and asthma put a damper on the romance. Instead, check out some of the ways you can help keep an attack at bay.

Avoid Smoke

While a fire may be romantic, for a person with asthma smoke is a common trigger. So ditch any plans that may involve an evening in front of a warm fire and instead stick to LED candles, as the smoke can make your loved one uncomfortable. Also, be aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke and don’t have your loved one subjected to cigarette smoke.

Be Cautious About Fragrances

Cologne and perfume, while they may make you smell nice, can make some people have a strong reaction. People who are sensitive to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can experience a runny nose, sneezing, headaches, and watery eyes when exposed to a strong fragrance. So if your significant other doesn’t wear perfume, make sure you cross this gift off the list and make sure you go light on the fragrance or don’t wear any at all.

Go for Non-Allergic Flower Types

Flowers are a favorite gift for Valentine’s Day, and for a good reason. They are beautiful, colorful, and they often smell lovely! However, for someone with allergies or asthma, some flowers can cause an adverse reaction. Make sure you stay away from asters, daisies, dahlias, baby’s breath, gardenia, lilac, gerbera, as well as sunflowers. Instead go for non-allergenic flowers such as roses, daffodils, tulips, mums, petunias, unscented orchids, snapdragons, freesias, and birds of paradise.

Read the Ingredients

An allergy to shellfish and nuts is common, so if your loved one has food allergies, take extra care this holiday. If you are eating out, go to a trusted restaurant that can cater to a person’s food allergies, or if you are cooking a homemade meal, make sure to read the ingredients thoroughly. Also, even if you aren’t planning on seeing your partner until later, don’t eat any of the food that they are allergic to that day. Kissing your significant other can cause an allergic reaction if you ate something they are sensitive too. Even if it was hours beforehand, and you brushed your teeth. Allergens have the ability to linger in saliva for hours, and brushing your teeth doesn’t help.

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