Suffering Persistent Sinus Problems? Know the Sinus Cancer Facts

Suffering Persistent Sinus Problems? Get the Sinus Cancer Facts

Facts About Sinus Cancer

There are about 12 million Americans that suffer from sinus and allergy problems, however, there is a rare form of cancer that many may not be aware of, and it can act just like a sinus infection. While sinus cancer is relatively rare, according to Advanced Medical Imaging here,  with only about 2,000 people in the United States diagnosed each year, it can be aggressive and fatal. Paranasal sinus and nasal cavity are the two types of sinus cancer, and they can show themselves through a variety of symptoms. Therefore, it is important to know about sinus cancer facts.

Sinus Cancer Facts

Please keep in mind that experiencing one or more of these symptoms listed below does not mean you have cancer of the sinuses. It is not uncommon for these symptoms to be symptoms of other non-cancerous medical conditions. The symptoms that are often associated with sinus cancers include:

• Experiencing pain below or above the eyes
• You have swelling in your ears, eyes, and face
• Experiencing frequent nosebleeds
• You have unexplained weight loss
• Experiencing a decreased sense of smell
• Have a growth or a mass located on your face, nose, or palate
• Experiencing post-nasal drip
• Have one eye that’s bulging
• Experiencing pressure or pain in one of your ears
• Your lymph nodes in your neck that can be seen or felt, and are getting larger
• Experiencing nasal congestion that stays the same; it doesn’t get better or worse
• You have a blockage on only one side of your nose
• Experiencing pus drainage from your nose
• Have pain or numbness in parts of your face
• Experiencing numbness or loosening of your teeth
• Have eyes that are constantly watering
• Experiencing change or loss in your vision
• You have problems opening your mouth
• Experiencing pain in your sinus regions
• Have frequent headaches
• Experiencing fatigue

While the definitive cause for nasal cancer is unknown, there are some known factors. For instance, smoking, alcohol consumption, and DNA plays a major role. However, if you work with any of the following, you may be more susceptible to developing cancer:

• The radioactive element radium
• Flour and baking milling
• Chromium and nickel dust
• Textile dust
• Formaldehyde
• Mustard gas
• Leather dust from shoemaking
• Wood dust

It is important to remember that just because this cancer is rare, don’t think that it cannot happen to you. You know your body better than anyone else, so if you are experiencing persistent sinus symptoms that don’t respond to medications, know the sinus cancer facts and schedule an exam with your ENT doctor.

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