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What Medicine Works for Sinus Headaches?

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When a sinus infection settles in, for many people…so does a sinus headache. Complete with pain and pressure in the face, fatigue, a fever, and yes, even achy upper teeth. When you’re looking for relief, the corner pharmacy has a host of brightly colored medicine boxes that promise to help. But what really works? A word of alert: many patients end up masking their symptoms by taking OTC medicines that don’t really fix the root problem. So it’s good to chat with a doctor, who can assess your individual situation and help you find the sinus headache treatment that’s right for you. Common medicines for sinus headache treatment include:

  • Antibiotics. Contrary to popular belief, antibiotics aren’t needed to cure sinus infections. However, if your sinus infection is caused by bacteria, your doctor might prescribe antibiotics to kick the infection, and in turn, give your sinus headache no reason to stick around.
  • Pain relievers. Ask your doctor which OTC pain reliever is best for your type of sinus headache. In some cases, doctors recommend using decongestants in tandem with pain relievers, so that you can get relief from mucus pressure and facial pain at the same time.
  • Prescription nasal sprays. If your sinus headache stems from an allergy- or inflammation-related sinus infection, then corticosteroid nasal sprays may help.

As with any medical treatment, be sure to check in with your doctor to let him or her know your progress. You’ll especially want to let your doc know if any of these apply to you:

  • You have a fever above 100.5°F
  • Your headache is severe, and OTC meds don’t help
  • Your symptoms don’t go away after 10 days
  • Your sinus infections keep coming back, several times a year or more

If you need help making a sinus headache treatment plan, come in for a consultation. Our expert team believes in getting to the root of the problem…not just masking it with medicine. In our book, that’s the key to real, lasting results.


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