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Cheers! 5 Drinks that Help (or Hurt) Your Sinuses

Feeling congested? Achy around the cheeks? Thinking your eyes are going to explode if the pressure gets any worse? Sinusitis is no treat. For people suffering from the symptoms, even the littlest moment of relief can feel like bliss. While you’re recuperating, the right beverages can actually help support the healing process…but not all drinks are created equal as sinusitis home remedies.

plain water for sinusitusPLAIN H2O

The verdict: Good to go

Let’s start simple: We know water is good for us in general, and it’s no different when illness comes knocking. Staying hydrated can help during recovery time, so say yes to some agua.


drinking milk and sinus infectionsMILK

The verdict: Watch out

We’re all for strong bones and teeth, but dairy products can increase mucous production. When you’ve got sinusitis, that can mean more congestion. If you have ongoing sinus symptoms that flare up with dairy, talk to your doc about how you can get enough of the calcium and key nutrients found in milk.


peppermint tea for sinusitusTEA

The verdict: Good to go, sometimes

When you’re fighting sinus symptoms, you can put the kettle on for caffeine-free teas — (caffeine dehydrates the body, so options like black tea can irritate the sinuses). Some top herbal choices, which can also help clear congestion, are peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, wild thyme and blackberry teas.


“Inhaling the warm vapors from the tea can also help open your sinuses.” — Dr. Robert Pincus


hot toddy and sinus infectionA HOT TODDY

The verdict: Watch out

We’re very familiar with the myth that a little tea, lemon, honey and whiskey can turn your regular water into an old-time healing concoction. But it’s just not true. Alcohol, like caffeine, can dehydrate the system, and the acidity of alcohol can further irritate a sore throat.


diet drinks and sinusitusDIET DRINKS

The verdict: Watch out

Read the labels of diet beverages to see if they contain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame. These types of sugar substitutes can trigger headaches in some people…just another symptom you don’t need when you’re fighting sinusitis.


Keep in mind, when you’re tackling sinusitis, it’s important to extend your treatment plan beyond your cup. Need personalized advice? Stop by for a consultation and see what steps could help you.

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