What to Expect with Sinus Surgery after Suffering from Chronic Sinusitis

Life After Sinus Surgery

springtime and sinus surgerySpring can be a particularly painful time of year for chronic sinus sufferers.  Flowers may be blooming and birds may be singing, but your head is pounding and your nose is stuffed.  You’re not alone; chronic sinusitis is the most common chronic ailment in the United States.   If you have tried and failed conventional medical treatments, you may be considering endoscopic sinus surgery as a treatment option. If just the word “surgery” makes you shudder, fear not.  Today’s minimally invasive techniques make recovery easy to handle. Use the following items as your guide to what to expect with sinus surgery:

  • Nasal bleeding: It is common to see blood-tinged nasal secretions during the first days after surgery. Keep your head elevated and avoid nose-blowing. It is NOT normal to have heavy amounts of bleeding. If you experience heavy nasal bleeding, contact your physician’s office.
  • Fatigue: You will likely feel tired in the first days to weeks following surgery. Remember to take it easy while your body recovers.
  • Nasal congestion: While some patients experience improvement in their nasal congestion immediately, others may not notice improvement for several days or weeks.
  • Clinic visits after surgery:  Follow up visits with your doctor are extremely important. He or she will monitor your recovery and remove any packing (if necessary).
  • Return to work: Plan to take some time off for your surgery. Recovery times can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the patient. Expect to be tired, and limit your work demands. Be patient. If you rush your recovery, you may risk slowing the healing process.

While the idea of surgery may be intimidating, consider that an improvement in symptoms of up to 90 percent may be expected following the procedure. Sinus surgery can be an effective treatment for chronic sinusitis when medical treatments, including prolonged courses of antibiotics, have failed.  When asking what to expect with sinus surgery, keep in mind that complete recovery may take several months, and proper post-operative care is the key to success. If you’re tired of chronic sinus symptoms, give our office a call to develop a treatment plan.

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