Endoscopic Sinus Surgery NY to Heal Sinusitis Symptoms

What about sinus surgery?

Itsinus headache’s spring, again.  Central Park is blooming with the vibrant colors of wisteria, geraniums, and daylillies.  Despite the lovely sights on your stroll through the park, you find yourself unmoved and hung up on your incessant sniffling. Your sinuses are blocked, again.  Maybe it’s the ragweed.  Maybe you’re allergic to dust or pet dander or even your kids—the point is, you can’t breathe. Then there’s the splitting headache, and the fear that your allergic reaction will lead to a full-blown bout of sinusitis. Again. If you have severe, recurrent, or hard-to-treat bouts of sinusitis, you know how miserable a simple sinus infection can make you. You’ve probably sought treatment from a sinus doctor, and you may already be an aficionado of nasal rinses, sprays, and over-the-counter medication. It may be time to consider Endoscopic Sinus Surgery NY

There’s no doubt that sinus surgery has a bad rap. Our opinion at the NY Sinus Center is that it is over-used. There are just too many otolaryngologists who perform surgery first and ask questions later. But for some in NY endoscopic sinus surgery is really the best choice.

You might choose to have endoscopic sinus surgery if:

  • You regularly get sinus infections that need to be treated with antibiotics
  • Your doctor has treated potential underlying causes of sinusitis, such as acid reflux
  • You quit smoking and you stay well-hydrated, but your symptoms persist
  • You have polyps, tumors, or a deviated septum

If you are considering a NY endoscopic sinus surgery, we urge you to contact us today. You may be able to avoid the pain and stress of surgery with novel treatment. And, if surgery is right for you, the excellent endoscopic sinus surgeons at the NY Sinus Center can minimize your discomfort and get you on the road to easy breathing.

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