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Do you need revision sinus surgery? Or pH Testing?

Why sinus surgery can sometimes make things worse

Individuals with chronic sinusitis or other sinus conditions may at some point opt to have sinus surgery. Sometimes, however, the surgery doesn’t help—and the person continues to suffer from sinusitis, nasal polyps, or other sinus problems. Indeed, some people find sinus surgery actually makes their problem worse than it was to begin with. When this happens, Revision Sinus Surgery NYC may be the best solution.

There are a number of situations in which sinus surgery simply doesn’t resolve the sinusitis. In some situations, this really is a problem of the surgery. Perhaps the surgeon failed to enlarge the ostium, and instead made another small hole next to it, causing the mucus to recirculate (for more information about this problem, click here). Or perhaps the surgeon didn’t follow the patient’s progress closely enough, and scarring blocked the surgically created opening.

Get an accurate diagnosis is key

In many cases, however, the failure is not a surgical failure but rather a diagnostic failure. It doesn’t matter how skilled your surgeon is, or how faithfully he or she monitors your progress if your sinusitis arises from allergies, immunodeficiency, or acid reflux.

Acid Reflux is often the culprit

Acid reflux is typically associated with heartburn and gastroesphageal problems. But because the tissue in your larynx, nose, and sinuses is so sensitive, you can actually have enough acid reflux to impact your sinuses without having heartburn or indigestion. See our chart on foods that can cause acid reflux

pH testing can tell us a lot

Because the symptoms of acid reflux in the nasal passages can be so varied from person to person, we recommend monitoring the pH in your sinuses for 24 hours before deciding to get sinus surgery,  or choosing revision sinus surgery. We use a state-of-the-art probe that sits high in your throat, and can give us a clear sense of the ebb and flow of any acid in your sinuses. The probe doesn’t impact your daily activities, and can even be used in children.

A simple change of diet may work

If you’re considering sinus surgery or revision sinus surgery, we urge you to call today. You may indeed need surgery, but it’s possible that simply changing your diet could alleviate your sinus problems. Please call today to make an appointment regarding Revision Sinus Surgery NYC.

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