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Commander-in-Chief with Post-Nasal Drip

Allergies and sinusitis are bad enough when all you have to do that day is go to your nine-to-five. Giving a speech or presentation with a stuffy head, watery eyes, or post-nasal drip is a wretched experience…but what if the speech were a State of the Nation address, or the presentation was to various heads of state?  What if health care bills were trumped by sinus surgery? In honor of Presidents’ Day, let’s take a moment to remember some presidential problems that are off the radar.. like having to blow their nose.

Mount RushmorePresidential Problems: Sinuses

  • President Barack Obama. As a former smoker, President Obama (who signed The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act in 2009) knows the agony of sinusitis, halitosis, and post-nasal drip. And, with the latest round of proposed budget cuts coming from the House, he may be wishing he could reach for that pack again.
  • President Bill Clinton. Congestion and drainage, attributed to allergic rhinitis, forced former President Clinton to seek sinus surgery in 1979. This alleviated some congestion, but didn’t cure his allergies, which include house dust, mold, and cat dander.
  • President Ronald Reagan. Chronic hay fever led former President Reagan to seek allergy shots. Also a smoker, former President Reagan seemed to kick the habit easily…which may have been an early sign of his impending Alzheimer’s.
  • President John F. Kennedy. Consistently underweight, and with chronic digestive problems, former President Kennedy’s sinus problems were undoubtedly fueled by his digestive concerns and overall poor health.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Although former President Roosevelt’s primary physician was an ENT, and the president suggested that his physical problems were fixable by sinus surgery, it seems likely that Dr. Ross McIntire was selected first-and-foremost for his discretion regarding the president’s polio and the resultant paralysis.

If you are struggling with sinus problems, sinusitis, or rhinitis, contact us today. We’ll make sure to give you the presidential treatment.

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