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Treating Nasal Polyps

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, nasal polyps are the result of inflamed mucosal tissue. The swelling causes the tissue to become heavy, and this heavy tissue falls, creating an obstruction. There are no two ways about it, polyps are a real pain. They can obstruct your breathing and potentially contribute to sinus infections and infections of the middle ear. Even worse, the majority (up to 70%) of people who have nasal polyps removed find that they reoccur. For this reason, you may be considering Nasal Polyps Treatment NYC.

Some good news:

The good news is that polyps can be responsive to non-surgical treatment. If the swelling and inflammation can be controlled, and if the tissue creating the polyp retains its elasticity, the polyp will simply go back up.

Some common non-surgical treatments include:

  • Antileukotrine medication
  • Topical nasal sprays
  • Corticosteroids

Common Nasal Polyps Treatment NYC

Many physicians also recommend preventative treatment for people suffering from allergies or chronic sinusitis—regular saline irrigation, for instance, may help prevent polyps.

If prevention and non-surgical treatment are ineffective, however, endoscopic surgery may be necessary. While there are, of course, dangers associated with any kind of surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery is comparatively non-invasive, and can be performed under general or local anesthetic. Removal of polyps typically takes 45 minutes to an hour, and most people go home the same day.

If you are concerned about your sinuses for any reason, give us a call today. We can discuss your symptoms and treatment options, as well as preventive care.

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